is an excellent way of sending elephant dung to someone anonymously.

Who should give some thought to their behaviour? A neighbour, boss, ex-husband/ex-wife, postman… There is certainly someone around you who deserves such a present. In this way you can make clear very simply what you think of a particular person or company. We do not claim that this is the best way to resolve conflicts, but sometimes you have no choice but to give shit.

Just fill in the order form. We will arrange the rest.

How does this work?


Emily, former friend

My ex, that bastard, left me after three years for my best friend. But I am not done with him yet, he won’t get away with this.

Thomas, neighbour

Every time I have friends at my place or listen to music, my neighbour calls the police saying it is disturbing the peace. I am fed up with him.

Emma, clerk

Recently, my boss has been giving me only stupid jobs. And he doesn’t want to pay me overtimes for last month. It’s time to let him know what I think of him.

All of them had a superb idea!

They decided to use our services.

Then we went to see our elephant. When the elephant answered the call of nature, we hurried back to the office.

We weighed out and packed the elephant dung carefully in lovely gift boxes.

Then we took the parcels to the post office and informed the customers, who just waited for their boss/neighbour/ex to receive the surprise.


- € 17.77 -

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